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DOGMA F12 is the symbol of competition, a name that evokes excellence, quality, perfection, beauty, Italian design. The most successful bicycle in history ... end of discussions.

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Everyday, Pinarello test tubes, frames, forks and components on the roads , testimonial sites of legendary feats, from Montello to the Dolomites.
And if they withstand our relentless tests we can be sure that we are offering you the very best.

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Giovanni Pinarello, or "Nani" as his friends call him, was born in Catena di Villorba on the 10th July, 1922 during a difficult post-war period in Italy. He was the eighth of twelve children

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In 1975, Pinarello enjoys its first Giro d’Italia victory, opening a decade of great satisfaction.

Cicli Pinarello begins to enjoy widespread popularity and the 80’s become a period of great satisfaction for the small factory in Treviso.

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The bike of the champions, the icon of Road Bikes, a name that means, everywhere in the world of Cycling, "the maximum": DOGMA.

A perfect frame which contains everything that a rider could ever dream of: absolute performance, stiffness, explosive power, precision, all with the unique Pinarello design.

The DOGMA uses the best carbon fiber available; Torayca 65Ton HM 1K with Nanoalloy technology, exclusively from Toray the Japanese carbon giant and only available to Pinarello.

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