Wilier Bikes

Wilier Bikes

The evolution begins today

Wilier Triestina has taken full advantage of the BB386 EVO bottom bracket standard it developed with FSA and BH with the new Cento1SR's hugely oversized tubes. It's immensely stiff, as one would expect, but despite appearances it's a fantastically comfortable bike for the long haul, too. Ride & handling: Racy and comfortable.

Wilier bikes are available from Coolum Cycles

Wilier Mountain Bikes are available at Coolum Cycles
Wilier don't just build bikes; they create them

Wilier Triestina's style is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. But it also stands for safety and reliability when performing at the highest levels.

Visit or call Coolum Cycles to discuss your requirements and Bob can assist in selecting the best possible bike.

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Wilier Triestina built bicycles right through the twentieth century and arrived at the twenty-first with a conviction: Our pursuit of absolute excellence must never stop. Our uninterrupted technological research, combined with over a century of experience, have made our halberd logo racing bicycles legendary. But times goes on. Tradition is best served when used as a platform for groundbreaking innovation and evolution. Our 2015 Road Collection is proof.

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It is undeniable that racing is found within the DNA of every Wilier. All bikes bearing the halberd logo must perform flawlessly, built upon the same material and technology innovations, as well as characteristics of steerability and lightweight. That applies as much to Wilier off-road models as it does to our road racing machines, including our new 29er, the 101XN. This new trail speed machine boasts many of the same features that make the Cento1 SR our latest road superbike.

The most visible similarity between the 101XN and Cento1 SR is our signature asymmetric rear triangle. The drive-side chainstay is lowered to counteract drivetrain torque. This has the added benefit of reducing chain-slap, an especially nice feature in a performance mountain bike. The non drive-side chainstay is designed to work in complementary fashion with the drive-side, as well as for the integrated disc brake mount.

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Evolution is nothing without an origin. When we developed the Zero.7, we sought to perfect power transfer, maximizing every watt of a rider’s effort. In designing our time trial bikes, we learned how to control the flow of air. Our experience with the Cento1 confirmed that the integrated seatmast is vital for those who demand the best performance from their bike. We combined these elements from our origins, and then the insight and experience of Wilier Triestina did the rest. Cento1SR. The evolution begins today.

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